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The desire by parents to give their children a head start on life starts from the womb these days. Parents want their kids to be able to read the Quran fluently, Hifz it and also be able to compete in competitions, all this as well as to do well in school, and high-school. And many of these students from preschool through senior year need help in reaching their Islamic goals hence an Aleem Centre Cairo Franchise in every City would be a realistic business opportunity, Inshallah.

If you’re looking to have an even bigger impact on children’s educational lives, consider this franchise opportunity. And let’s not forget that physical fitness and awareness of cultures is as important as mental prowess: This franchise offers fun programs and the opportunity to travel and put your education into practice in many countries and be able to visit the main franchisor.

Even if you don’t have a teaching background, if you like kids, have good business sense and want to contribute to education in your local community, this franchise may be right for you.

Aleem Centre was established in 1999 by two educationalists in Cairo in the suburb of Nasr City. The centre is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (Egypt). Aleem Centre in Egypt is a credible place to start learning or enhancing your skills.  At Aleem centre, we specialize in Arabic and Quran courses to non-native speakers of all ages. We also provide these courses online where Students can benefit from all around the world.The teachers at Aleem centre have come together to help students reach their goals in Arabic and Quran. Our teachers have been very carefully chosen and have vast experience in teaching native and non-native students.

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35 Hafez Badawi next to the court and lotus garden. The seventh district Nasr City. Cairo

Phone : 01004341199 / 01118575131